Rafael Nadal: 'This is the advice I would give to...'

“This is the advice I would give…”

In a recent interview, Barcelona ATP director David Ferrer gave his opinion on his compatriots Rafael Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz. Ferrer explained: “Carlos Alcaraz is already a great player and he will be much better than me, that’s for sure.

As for the comparison to Rafael Nadal, I would be very careful. Rafa is a legend of modern sport, whose results are hard to match. Carlos has a long way to go, but I am sure he will reach the top of the ATP rankings and win several Grand Slams because he has nothing missing technically and mentally.

I know his team very well, especially his manager Alberto and his coach Juan Carlos Ferrer. They are two very competent people who will allow Alcaraz to fully display his talent.” At a press conference in Hamburg, Alcaraz revealed his next goals: “I don’t pay too much attention to the ranking right now.

If I manage to win matches and tournaments, I will keep moving up the rankings. I would like to qualify for the ATP Finals.” Alcaraz has been a big revelation this first half of the season. The young Spaniard has achieved several successes in 2022, so much so that he has already been tipped as a future dominator of the tournament. Men’s tour.

Juan Carlos Ferrer’s player won the Masters 1000 in Miami and Madrid, setting himself up to beat Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic in the Iberian capital. As if that wasn’t enough, the Murcian also won the ATP 500 in Rio and Barcelona.

Carlos, on the other hand, needs another leap in quality to win Grand Slams, as shown by his early exits at Roland Garros and Wimbledon.

Nadal has returned to training

In a brilliant interview with Iberia airline, after giving his definition of talent, talking about a potential career as a coach and paying a sweet tribute to his uncle Toni, this time he revealed the advice he would have given himself if they were teenagers.

“I’m not used to giving advice, but I always say that if you want to be a professional or dedicate your life to something, you have to put other things aside. My career has always been a priority, but that hasn’t stopped me.” from hanging out with my friends and having fun, doing things that a normal young person does, even if I do them less often.

This is the advice I would give to young people: don’t forget to have fun, fight for your dreams and surround yourself with good people. That’s what we try to do with them in the structure on a daily basis.”

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