Former ATP no.1 scolded by “gold-digger” wife on birthday for hiding false son

Former ATP No. 1 scolded by wife of ‘gold digger’ on birthday for hiding fake son

ATP World No. 1 Ilie Nastase was publicly berated by his younger wife Ioana ahead of an event planned for his birthday. The Romanian tabloid Cancan reported on the entire incident. Ioana Năstase warned Ilie that she was willing to disappear from his life.

“I want the journalists to film this! I want the two people who appeared overnight! The two people appeared overnight. This Mr. Cezar Florea appeared overnight! Darling, I’m talking to you… They were here before .”

Where did they come from in your life?” This was after a man he didn’t know claimed to be the son of a great champion. “That gentleman, how did he appear? And he says he is your son. His name is Nastase? He pretends to be your son!”

I want to know, is Mr. Nastase’s name? Then I’ll retire, okay? I am retiring and I wish you a beautiful life!” concluded Ioana Nastase and walked out the door.

The story from the point of view of Nastase’s wife

Romanian publication contacted Nastase’s wife about the incident.

“What son?! About two months ago Ilie told me that he came and put his hand on his shoulder and said to him: ‘Ilie, my father died! From today I want you to be my father!’. But I also ask the matter: why doesn’t this gentleman go to the madhouse to take the old man from there to call him his father? Why Ilia? I didn’t want to give anything to journalists yet because I’m not that type!

But the last time Ilie and I met the man, I was sick and he took me away in an ambulance! They took me right off the table! I felt sick in the man’s presence! I am an obstacle for them, I try to protect Ilie as much as I can.

No one walks into Ilie’s life in shoes! This man is manipulating him, he is a better manipulator than Ilia. He entered his soul, promised him everything. Ilie insisted that we go with him to Iasi (Romanian city) before his birthday.

We returned to Bucharest, I had no idea about this press conference that this man was organizing. They did everything behind me. A lady called me to tell me: do you know where Ilia is now, who she is with? A man organized a conference with his wife, to whom he is not even married!

I got into a taxi, got there, the man hid from me! Ilie said he wasn’t there! I got angry! They were basically hiding from me! I feel in danger! They’re trying to destroy me! It’s risky for me, I have a family, a child, a grandson.

Why should I risk my life like this? I told the man: from now on, do what you want with Ilie, let him go where you want, I’m leaving him! And he says: very good! Ilie has changed since this man appeared! She doesn’t answer my phone because she talks to this man nonstop.

She stays with him longer than I do. I got tired of fighting all the hyenas around him,” Ioana Nastase told Ilie Nastase is now 76 years old, while his wife Ioana is 30 years younger.

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