Famous insider defends Novak Djokovic: "Vaccine doesn't protect"

Famous insider defends Novak Djokovic: “The vaccine does not protect”

Famous journalist and insider Julia Hartley-Brewer defended Novak Djokovicposition on the covid-19 vaccine. As we know, the Serbian champion has always expressed the opinion that he does not want to be vaccinated. Julia explained: “Novak Djokovic is not asking for special treatment.

He simply said: I am not vaccinated, I do not show my vaccination status, therefore I cannot play in the US Open. I think it’s wonderful that he is true to his principles. He is a healthy young man. Valid rules? It’s a stupid rule, that’s the point.

Everyone who takes the vaccine is protected. However, we know that with Omicron it doesn’t really provide much virus protection. It only protects you from serious illness and death. It’s strange that in 2020, everyone seemed quite happy that athletes have completely different rules than us because they can travel to competitions like the Australian Open when other people couldn’t even go home to their families.”

And now, will Novak Djokovic be at the US Open 2022?

It’s been a very complicated season full of unknowns for Novak Djokovic, who continues to struggle with issues that aren’t strictly tennis-related. The Serbian is in serious danger of being sidelined for the next two to three months due to the anti-Covid rules of various countries, which undoubtedly punish him and prevent him from playing in various prestigious events.

All cases are connected with the confirmed desire of the native of Belgrade not to undergo vaccination against the virus and to take responsibility and consequences regarding the decision taken. In Australia, the 35-year-old player failed to play the first Grand Slam of the year after a back-and-forth series, which caused complications even when returning to the clay courts.

The United States may not be overtaken by the former World No. 1 who is (very likely) destined not to see a top 3 ranking until the end of 2022 and beyond, especially if she has to play a couple of competitions until the Nitto Atp Finals.

Nole has already missed Indian Wells and the Miami Masters 1000, for the same reasons he could be forced to forfeit Toronto, Cincinnati and the US Open (last year he reached the final act, then lost to Daniil Medvedev).

Current legislation prohibits the entry of unvaccinated foreigners anyway: staff hope the rule will be changed so Djokovic can play more tournaments.

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