‘Real nobody’ – Simone Biles finds unexpected friend in Martina Navratilova after Donald Trump’s legal adviser posts ‘Losers’ tweet

Martina Navrátilová is one of the biggest names in this sport. However, the Czech-American player has much more to her credit than just being a prominent tennis star. The 18-time Grand Slam champion is known for her strong opinions and views.

Seven-time Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles recently fell victim to the nasty words of Jenny Ellis, commonly known as former US President Donald Trump’s lawyer. When Navratilova learned of the harsh look, she didn’t waste time coming to Biles’ support.


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Martina Navrátilová gives it back to Jenna Ellis

Going back in time, Simona Biles decided to withdraw from the 2020 Olympics (held in 2021) due to mental health issues. While the 25-year-old received immense love and support from her fans and followers, that was not the case for Ellis. Yesterday, Ellis went public, profession Biles a loser.


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two days ago

As a prominent lawyer in America, her words eventually became the talk of the town. When an upset Biles learned of Ellis’ comments, he decided to get back at the 37-year-old. The American gymnast took to her Twitter and posted a post. A post aimed at Jenna, he read, “Who is Jenna Ellis? Ask everyone.”

During her playing days, Martina Navrátilová led tennis to its heyday. As a player of an elite sport like tennis, she is aware of how she excels in elite sport. When the furious Navratilova learned of Jenna’s words, she took no time to return it.

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In response, Jenná Navrátilová wrote: “If you knew anything about elite sports, you’d know that what Biles did was actually selfless, but you wouldn’t know the significance of that, would you? And what specifically have you ever won? Any Olympic medals? Anything? I can stand…”


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Navrátilová comes to support Biles

Navratilova left no stone unturned when she expressed her disapproval and disagreement with Jenna’s words. After Navratilova gave it back, she moved to Simone Biles to give her support. Expressing her concern and support for Simone, Navrátilová wrote: “Real nobody, no worries Simon:)”


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Earlier this year, Simone Biles he admitted that she would like to take at least a year off before returning to the sport. Meanwhile, on the entertainment side, she became a part of ABC’s sitcom Black-ish. Fans are recovering from their mental problems and hope that the seven-time Olympic champion will return soon.

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