'If he goes well, Rafael Nadal wins...', says expert

“If it goes well, Rafael Nadal will win…”, says the expert

The hope of seeing Rafael Nadal on court in the semifinals was already pretty slim, but now the official announcement has come: the Spaniard is pulling out of Wimbledon. After a stoic comeback against Fritz in the quarter-finals, in which the Mallorcan endured stomach pains to finish the match victorious, the 22-time Grand Slam champion was diagnosed with a 7mm tear in his abdomen, forcing him to retire and bid farewell to his dream. grand slam.

So Nick Kyrgios will be the first Wimbledon finalist to await the winner between Cameron Norrie and Novak Djokovic. In a press conference, Nadal expressed his disappointment at what happened and explained the reasons for his withdrawal.

The Spaniard explained the reasons for his own painful decision. “I can’t imagine winning two games like that. I don’t want to go out on the field and not be competitive, out of respect for myself and not to make things worse.”

I have seen my career in jeopardy because of my leg and there are dangerous things that can stop my sports career. As I have always said, the most important thing for me is my happiness. I’ve worked hard to be here, but I can’t risk being gone too long.

It is very difficult for me. I’m very sad about this decision,” Nadal said. On the extinguished dream of a Grand Slam. “I wasn’t thinking about the possibility of not being able to win four Majors this year, but about my daily happiness and my daily work. .

The difficulties I encountered show how important it is for me to be here. I’m sorry because I played at a good level and I definitely would have had that chance.” Nadal said he had no regrets about not retiring during the match with Fritz.

Uncle Toni opens up to Rafa

Toni Nadal wrote a column in El Pais about his nephew’s injuries and fitness over the years. Indeed, my nephew’s reality was one that I once reminded my brother when he told me that we rushed too often: “If it wasn’t for that, Rafael Nadal would have lifted half the Grand Slams. he has”.

Of course, he will not put his health at risk, as he has recently stated, but the fact is that he combines a set of qualities that allow him to make the most of his worst conditions,” said Toni Nadal. “Secondly, even in seemingly untenable situations, he almost always maintains an unshakable faith in myself.”

Toni added. “He tends to grasp at straws at every opportunity he gets. When he does, he wins the game, and if he doesn’t, he walks away with the peace of mind that he can’t blame the defeat.” his own resignation.”

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