The American tennis player-turned-nun once openly admitted that she let Martina Navratilova bask in the glory at Wimbledon

Martina Navrátilová has won a total of 59 Grand Slam titles in a thrilling career spanning 3 decades. Of these, 9 entered Wimbledon as women’s singles winners. Going back in time, Navratilova’s victory at Wimbledon remains one of the most celebrated victories of her career. However, a few years ago, the confession of former American player Andrea Jaeger got into the newspapers.

In a rivalry lasting three years, Andrea Jaeger and Martina Navrátilová met a total of 15 times. Ending their rivalry on the court, the two last played in the 1983 Wimbledon final. As the tennis world expected, Martina won the encounter in straight sets. However, 25 years after the final, in 2008, Andrea claimed that she had let Navratilova win the final.


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Jaeger’s confession to Martina Navrátilová’s Wimbledon win

Going back to the 1983 final, Navratilova won her 4th women’s singles title at Wimbledon in sets 6-0, 6-3. After the win, the entire tennis world, including Andrea, congratulated the Czech-American player on her win.

However, in 2008, when interacting with sa media housejaeger said “I went onto the court completely calm, knowing that giving the match away was the right thing to do.”

Jaeger’s words instantly became the question of Martina’s winnings. Needless to say, as a former world number two, Jaeger’s words also carried weight. Elaborating further on how things went during the first set, she admitted, “During the match he deliberately missed balls. I hit Martina right, and when I was whipped 6-0 in the first set, I tried to look angry about it.”

As already mentioned, Navrátilová won the first set 6-0. Conversely, in the second set, Jaeger took three games to end the set 6-3. Watching the match, the audience felt that the American player had slightly returned to the game. According to Jaeger, however, things looked significantly different.

As she opened the second set, she claimed “I needed to close the second set and I did, but not enough to worry Martina.”


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Email sent three years ago

Even since Jaeger confessed in 2008, it remains one of the most bizarre and shocking revelations in the history of the sport. While one might think that the claims made were huge in themselves, the now 57-year-old Jaeger had more in his bag. Next, she opened the e-mail she had sent to Martina three years before 2008, i.e. 2005.

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“God knows the truth. I knew the truth. Three years ago, I wrote an email to Martina saying that it doesn’t take anything away from her win, but she never replied…” ended.

14 years since, most of the tennis world has forgotten about the case. However, it remains on the list of the most controversial revelations in the game.

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